Terms of Payment

To make your initial booking and to enable Boma Tours (BT) to secure and guarantee your reservation a 50% first deposit is required soon after confirming your safari. Details can be sent by e-mail to bookings@bomatours.co.za. Your card will only be debited after the accommodation has been finalised. Should you fail to make the required deposit your booking will be cancelled. A reservation confirmation will be issued to the customer on receipt of their deposit. 
The safari price is based on transport and accommodation in Kruger Park rest camps, Private reserves and miscellaneous costs at the date of our proposal. Should it be necessary to increase any safari price due to unforeseen circumstances we will honour the agreed price provided the initial deposit has already been paid and the safari confirmed. You will be informed of such an increase at least 35 days prior to you safari start date. 
To secure suitable accommodation in Kruger Park the client should confirm their participation in any safari as soon as possible as alternate accommodation outside of Kruger Park may result in increased prices. You will be informed of any such changes in advance to allow you to accept the changes or to revise or cancel your safari.


BT acts as an agent to other travel organisations and service suppliers only. BT shall forward bookings as contained in brochures or in tailored quotations to the relevant service supplier and undertake to secure such arrangements and reservations in time. The terms and conditions specified on all vouchers, receipts and tickets issued by service providers will contractually bind any client that accepts such vouchers or use such tickets or services to the supplier thereof. Nor BT or any affiliated or associated Company or representative shall be liable for any loss, injury, damage or death to the customer or his/her belongings whatsoever and the customer totally indemnifies BT accordingly.

Change of Arrangements, Route and Price 
Changes to itineraries, accommodation or extensions to travel arrangements which may be caused by flight delays, unavailability of accommodation, strikes, natural disasters or any circumstance or event beyond the control of BT and which may arise in extra cost to the client will be for the clients own account. In the unlikely event where for example confirmed hotel bookings cannot be supplied by the hotel in question our policy is to provide similar accommodation in the same area as wherever possible.
Every effort is made to keep itineraries as advertised however BT reserves the right to make changes for the convenience of our clients. Such changes do not constitute any reason for a refund. Customers will be informed in time and before arrival in South Africa of any changes to the advertised itinerary to decide whether they want to accept, modify or cancel the tour.


Customers are advised to take out adequate insurance cover in the event of cancellation due to illness, accident or injury. Insurance against personal accident, medical assistance, personal liability and loss of baggage are also recommended. The risks listed above is merely a suggestion and not an exhaustive list. BT will not be obliged to affect insurance for the Customer except upon detailed instructions given in writing by the Customer and, all insurance affected by BT on such instruction, will be subject to such exceptions and conditions as may be imposed by the insurance company or underwriters taking the risk. BT will not be obliged to obtain separate cover for any risks that are excluded. BT will not be obliged to provide separate insurance cover for each client but may obtain an open or general policy. BT will not get involved in any dispute declared by the insurer regarding their liability concerning a claim. The premium of the policy may not be at the same rate as that charged by BT or paid to BT by the Customer. BT will not be responsible if the Customer fails to take adequate insurance cover.

Travel Documents 

BT alone is responsible to advise all clients to have in their possession current and valid passports, visas, vaccinations and inoculation certificates and the like where required. BT will take full responsibility for losses of any nature arising from BT’s failure to ensure that the clients are advised in time of the necessity of complying with such requirements excluding consequential losses. BT cannot be responsible for problems that arise if the clients supply insufficient and/or incorrect information and/or the refusal of a client to furnish travel documents or information in time.
BT cannot be held responsible for refusal by foreign or South African authorities to issue travel documentation for a particular person or for any other matters beyond the control of BT.


BT will charge a cancellation fee depending on the amount of debits BT receives from Suppliers. Normal cancellation fees are 50% of the deposit if cancelled within thirty (30) days, 75% of the deposit if cancelled within fourteen (14) days but not less than seven (7) days before the safari start date. Cancellation in less than seven (7) days before the safari start date will result in the full deposit being forfeited. The total cost will be payable in the event of a no show without cancellation.  All related banking charges incurred by the bank for the refund are for the clients account.

Law and Cancellation 

This agreement is governed by South African law. The parties involved hereby consent to the jurisdiction of the appropriate Magistrates Court in regard to any action or proceedings based on or arising from the Trading and Reservation Conditions.


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